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Hero's Journey

What Others Have Said

"Your presentation on overcoming physical and mental challenges hit home with every one of our conference attendees.  Day in and day out they deal with very difficult challenges. From now on they will push aside any excuses and journey on to face the uncertain challenges that lie ahead."

Some of the most repeated phrases that we heard were:

  • "A very inspiring presentation."
  • "Excellent and inspiring speaker."
  • "Great presentation."
  • "Wonderful!"

John Sauer. Executive Director, Wisconsin Association of Housing & Services for the Aging.

"I have never before seen an audience interrupt a slide show to applaud the photography. Your images are breathtaking and your ability to spin an epic tale with warmth and humor is a joy to experience. Thank you for an evening jam packed with enough inspiration to last a lifetime. Hoorah for 'The Hero's Journey.'"

Jeff Salz. Executive Director, Salz and Associates.

"We've had a lot of slide presentations given to our members... Chess Edwards' was the best that we've ever seen. The nature of his personal expedition and experiences, coupled with the skillful presentation, made this evening one of the most enjoyable of the year. He has a unique way of bringing his experiences successfully to an audience. He certainly has my unconditional recommendations as a speaker."

Doug Eilar, Sierra Club San Diego.

"The presentation given to our school by Chess Edwards produced one of the most inspirational, and yet at the same time humbling, reactions from our student body. The beauty and the very sense of survival of life in Nepal enveloped our souls as the magnificence of his journey was portrayed to us on a verbal, visual and musical dimension. The program is a must for anyone who wishes to keep in touch with the "real world" - for anyone who simply cares."

Brian R, Oliphant, Campbell Hall School


Our greatest rewards will always be found on the other side of our greatest challenges .

-- Chess Edwards










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