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"Heroes are defined, not by their abilities, but by the choices they make every moment under the most ordinary of circumstances."

Mayor Rudolph Giuliani following the events of 9/11

Hero's Journey

This multi-media presentation focuses on Chess Edwards' extraordinary solo trek into the "Hidden Lands" of Nepal as a metaphor for the more typical challenges that face us every day.

As a professional photographer and speaker, Chess has developed this powerful presentation to blend spectacular images with thought-provoking stories, ideas and music. This entertaining and provocative program enriches the imagination and inspires one to live life with courage, commitment and integrity.

As one of his many adventures, Chess Edwards embarked on a forty five day solo trek deep into the remote mountains and valleys of the Himalayas.

His goal - to reach one of the seven "Hidden Lands" that lie far up in the high, snowy reaches of Nepal. Alone and in a cold hard landscape he repeatedly faced great mental and physical challenges until faith and persistence led him successfully into this mysterious region of mountains, monasteries and snow leopards.

Chess says of his expedition, "I dedicated myself to the journey and put aside all excuses to turn away from the hardship. Each challenge, fully met, gave me the tools and insight that I needed to successfully meet the next challenge sure to come. By actively facing the inevitable fear and moving through it, I was rewarded in ways I could have never imagined. This was a journey that has changed my life dramatically."

Chess has returned home now with remarkable stories to tell, important lessons to offer and rare photographic images to share.


Key Concepts from "The Hero's Journey"

  • Reap The Rewards Of Challenge – Our greatest rewards always lie on the other side of our greatest challenges. Success comes from taking bold action as we embrace challenges with the clarity of our values and the courage to make heroic choices.
  • Embrace The Moment – When we bring an acute awareness and gratitude to each and every moment, then we are empowered to make critical decisions which create success for ourselves, our organizations and our communities.
  • Be An Everyday Hero – The true heroes in life are not those that scale mountains or risk death through adventure. True heroes are those that dedicate themselves fully to their relationships, their work and their commitment to service.
  • Making Heroic Choices in Each & Every Moment - Life is a long series of choices.  We live the realities created by our choices as do the people and institutions to whom we are connected.  Making heroic choices in even the most mundane of circumstances makes for a life full of reward, integrity, satisfaction and power.



Our greatest rewards will always be found on the other side of our greatest challenges .

-- Chess Edwards


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